General Information
Shabogomo Lake is some 60+ miles from end to end and boasts as having
produced the 2nd largest (67 lbs) Lake Trout ever caught. The lake has 2 spots
where the boater can be more than 1 mile from either shore. Our boating season
normally begins at the end of the first week in June and ends up at the end of
October. The majority of cottagers have cellular coverage at their sites.
A boater can put their craft in Little Wabush Lake adjacent to
Labrador City and
proceed through to Big Wabush and on to Julien and then on to Shabogomo Lake.
Proceeding down to Shabogomo River will take the adventurous 50 miles by water
from their starting point but only 34 miles in a straight line.
At this time there are no Aids to Navigation currently in place to assist boaters
in navigating the lake systems. There are some floating buoys that individuals
have put out to help them keep track of shoals and rocks etc.
There are also no area specific boating regulations regarding such things a speed and or wake restrictions.
Common sense and standard small vessel regulations apply.
Most of our wharf materials are used surplus materials and were donated to us by the Iron Ore Company of
, we thank them for their support. We are proud to recycle used material into a useful floating and
fixed wharf product.
A lot of the alure of recreational life in Labrador is related to hunting and fishing, following this link will
highlite some regulations and commercial offerings. SWABA supports conservation and the responsible
usage of our natural resources. Here is another one:
Boat Dock Signs